About Us

Arochem is a very well known Entity in the world of Fragrance Industry. It was established five decades back on 20th Sep 1969 and has been actively in operation since then. The founder, Late Shri Mohan Bhai Patel, had been closely involved in its manufacturing activities.

Arochem was unique in the state of Madhya Pradesh at the times of establishment. The Quality of perfumery products in course of time gradually gained fame in the market solely depending on the Quality factor which remained constant even when the market varied from time to time in various aspects.

Arochem adopted the entire range of natural essential oils, synthetic aroma chemicals and speciality raw materials in their new softened-modified forms, and tones gained in the course of contacts developed in continuous foreign visits to France and Germany and thus developed them in ways suiting to domicile beneficiaries and their end products. In doing so Arochem had developed strong R&D for this purpose which in turn enlarged new markets and opportunities.

Arochem is now being looked after by three dynamic young well-versed successors of Late Shri Mohan Bhai Patel. The Entrepreneurs are young though they have acquired the dexterity of five decades of their ancestral experience. They also have a wide range of contacts in respect of basic ingredients so also the customers who have the symphony of varied nasal test in the flood of hyper markets these days. They have thus acquired the sense of customer’s actual requirement as also a deep sense of their pulse reading to assess their basic requirements.